Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Jan 30, 2023 | Cannabis Topicals

Sweet Releaf Gift Giving Guide

Give the gift of love and relief this year!

While the Sweet Releaf Topicals product line, with high THC and broad spectrum cannabinoids, were created specifically to reduce pain, it has bountiful other uses as well. Those of us who make it as well as our regular users consider it the kind of gift that just keeps on giving. What better gift than reducing the stress of painful conditions for those you care about! They will thank you for the gift of Sweet Releaf!

As humans we all experience pain at some point whether our own or those we care about. When we find something that works, we tend to do two things: first, we come back for more and secondly, we share it with those we love. We understand that if it works for you and if you’re no longer in pain, you probably know or love somebody who still is in pain, and you want to help them! Here are our suggestions for gifting loved ones in your life.

For those on the Go: 30ml Comfort Warms Roll-On for the times when you’re on the move but still have pain and stiffness. This larger 30ml Roll-On Warms size is great for covering larger service areas to help sore muscles, stiffness, cramps, headaches and many other types of pain.

For relief at Home: 50ml Comfort for aches and pains that need calming and caring. Great for the budget-aware gift-giver who wants to support their people who have ongoing aches and pains like arthritis and everyday pain.

For Extra relief at Home: 100ml Comfort Plus Extra Strength for deep chronic pain that needs some extra big love.
The largest size of our Extra Strength Comfort + body butter, this is a workhorse product for those with deep chronic pain and ongoing conditions. We’ve heard from customers that it is great for neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, and other chronic conditions.

For party people: 10ml Cools is great for sore feet and muscles when you’re having fun. Our smallest 10ml Roll-On Cools fits perfectly in a small bag, purse or pants pocket for late nights on the dance floor. It’s also great for those long hikes when your feet need a little pick me up.

For the health buff: 30ml Cools for workout recovery. Our 30ml Cools is great for hot, tired muscles after a long workout at the gym. We’ve also heard from customers that it helps soothe bug bites, scratches and other itchy skin conditions.

For the worker: 25ml Comfort + for discreet application at work. Our smallest 25ml jar of Comfort + can really pack a punch for the worker on their feet for hours, who is stiff and sore from long hours of manual labor or many hours spent on a computer at a workstation. Perfect for discreet use on the job.

For the elders: Our smallest size Comfort 25 ml Body Butter makes a great Hero gift by pretty much anyone (but especially Gen Z and Millenials) ) who want to buy for their active but weed-weary parents and grandparents. Our products help reduce pain, do not smell like weed, feel great on the skin, and do not leave an oily residue! And honestly, what is not to love about that!

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