Cannabis Topicals and Muscle Pain

May 1, 2016 | Cannabis Topicals, Uses for Topicals

When your muscles need a little TLC, cannabis topicals are there to save the day.

Muscle soreness affects us all. No one is immune. Whether you’ve had an exhilarating run, been out weeding in the garden, or are simply done in by a long day at work, sore muscles are certainly among the worst rewards.

Causes of Muscle Soreness

First, let’s look at the source of your muscle pain.

Production of lactic acid, when exercising or over-working muscles, creates pain and soreness. Eventually, the nasty lactic acid dissipates. However, when it does come away from your muscles and you’re still left hurting, it’s due to actual muscle damage.

It’s called delayed onset muscle soreness. The body works hard to repair the damage, but it causes inflammation and pain. The pain and fatigue can last for days, interrupting your life and making it difficult to perform normal tasks.

Of course, exertion is not the only cause for pain in the muscles. There are many diseases and disorders, such as fibromyalgia and lupus, that cause pain. Add to that sprains, strains, and tears and you have a mounded handful of possible culprits.

How do cannabis topicals help? Read on to find out…

Replace Potentially Dangerous Drugs

Then next time you seek relief for muscle pain, think twice before reaching for a bottle of muscle relaxers or pain killers. These can wreak havoc on the human body, especially when used for long periods of time.

Depending on the degree of pain, over the counter medication such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen can easily be overused. They and other pills have the ability to damage the liver and kidneys.

This is hardly a fair trade-off for the relief of pain. Your alternative is cannabis topicals, a natural way to relieve tired and sore muscles. They pose no risk of organ damage or overuse. In fact, cannabis topicals are the most natural way to relieve pain.

Relieve Muscle Pain Fast

Multiple studies over the years have shown cannabis to be a a powerful tool in combating inflammation, replacing the need for an anti-inflammatory for pain relief.

The fact is that it just works. And you won’t have to wait long for it to kick in. Once massaged into the sore area, cannabis topicals start working their magic within minutes. It absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply. You’ll feel the benefits fast and be on your way feeling better.

We like to call cannabis an ‘Intelligent Medicine.’ The fact that our body, including skin tissue, has built-in cannabinoid receptors is proof that this plant knows what it’s doing. We are thrilled to see a growing acceptance for cannabis in our society so that more people can find relief without harmful side-effects.

Soothe the Senses While Alleviating Pain

Many medications are hard to swallow or taste bad. Others smell bad or feel unpleasant on the skin. Cannabis topicals have the added benefit of a pleasing scent and a soothing feel. Using only natural oils and butters keeps this wonder-rub from smelling like chemicals and feeling greasy.

Take the following testimonials from users for example:

“Sweet Releaf is the most effective pain relieving cream I have ever used! The smell is pleasant and enchanting and it has a nice body feel. When I have sore muscles I rub it in and the pain and discomfort melts away. I recommend Sweet Releaf to anyone that has chronic to mild body pain.”

“I have used Sweet Releaf for my back pain and found immediate relief from the knots and tension that builds up. The smell and texture are much nicer than other products I’ve tried. It smells divine and moisturizes without an oily residue feeling.”

Ready for Relief? Reach for Your Sweet Releaf!

No matter the cause of your aching, sore muscles, you can find comfort with topical cannabis. Ditch the pills and grab a jar of this soothing butter. You’ll have fast, pleasing relief and get on with your life without having to muscle through the pain.

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