Benefits of Exercise for Chronic Pain

Apr 17, 2017 | Chronic Pain, Uses for Topicals

Chronic pain has become one of the most common reasons that millions of people see their doctor, yet there are few good solutions that provide immediate or long-term relief. With increasing numbers of Americans becoming addicted to opioids in their search for relief from chronic pain, doctors have begun recommending more natural methods to combat these disorders. It may surprise you, but exercise is one of the best ways to combat chronic pain.

The following are five key benefits of exercise for chronic pain.

Exercise strengthens muscles

Many chronic pain sufferers have musculoskeletal disorders, especially if you have chronic back or joint pain. Strong muscles can better support your bones, cushion movements, and support your weight. The stronger your muscles become, the less intense your chronic pain is likely to feel.

Exercise ensures your joints keep moving well

For patients who suffer from chronic pain associated with arthritis, the best way to minimize discomfort is to restore motion to the joints. If you are a senior with arthritis, you can maximize the benefits of joint motion by massaging the area with Sweet Releaf about 15 minutes before exercise. This will loosen up your hands, shoulders, and knees. Once you apply it and wait 10-15 min , gently move the area in small increments to restore flexibility without triggering pain. Add a second application after exercising to offset any soreness you might feel from doing too much. In fact, re-apply Sweet Releaf as needed if/when pain returns.

Exercise prevents obesity

Added weight can make chronic pain much worse. Staying physically active in addition to a healthy diet helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Exercise restores your pain threshold

Chronic pain sufferers develop a lower pain threshold after an extended time fighting to feel better. This exacerbates the pain and creates a dangerous loop that progressively makes you feel worse. Research has proven that an active lifestyle increases your pain threshold, stopping the pain spiral in its tracks. You’ll restore your pain threshold to a reasonable level and feel much better.

Exercise improves mental health

Chronic pain patients often struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues due to difficulties tying to live life as they once did. Exercise produces immediate antidepressant and anxiolytic effects– that is, it makes you happy! Exercising also can give you a sense of better control of your pain and your life since you are doing something to actively diminish your pain. Exercise even can bring social benefits when you join a gym or a class to exercise with others.

With all these benefits from exercise for chronic pain, you can’t afford not to stay active.

Still, many people find the idea of beginning a new exercise regimen intimidating, especially those already suffering debilitating chronic pain. Working with a physical therapist to develop an exercise routine can help ensure you are choosing the safest activities while minimizing discomfort. You can also use a natural pain relief topical like Sweet Releaf to ease the soreness associated with renewed activity. Take advantage of the benefits of exercise for chronic pain to start feeling like your best self today.

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