Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sweet Releaf work?

Sweet Releaf is a potent and effective body butter that is soothing on your skin.

Sweet Releaf provides alleviation of pain without the psychoactive effects usually associated with medicinal cannabis. Because we use only natural oils and butters (no alcohol or petroleum products) our topical will not leave your skin feeling greasy or waxy.

Some other topicals contain emu oil, but Sweet Releaf chooses to be 100% cruelty free.

Why is there THC in your products

Activated THC (Delta 9) is the most effective cannabinoid for pain relief and has been proven, more than any other cannabinoid, to be the most effective for pain relief.

We have experimented extensively on friends and family with chronic pain and have found the ideal potency of THC combined with THCa (non-decarboxilated THC) and CBD.

Together the synergy of these three cannabinoids, combined with carefully selected essential oils and other plant-based ingredients provide effective and long-lasting pain relief. We know pain. We’re crafting comfort and relief, from our family to you.

Am I going to get high using THC topicals?

In our experience, no one has reported getting high from Sweet Releaf topicals.

What we understand from the limited studies available is that the cannabinoids bind with the endocannabinoid receptors in the skin, fascia and muscles and do not reach the bloodstream. Some people have described a feeling of being high but according to cannabis author Ed Rosenthal, they may actually be experiencing what is known as the Euphoria Effect, which is a pleasurable feeling experienced when pain is significantly reduced.

When to apply Sweet Releaf?

We suggest applying Sweet Releaf topically whenever you feel pain.

Typically pain reduction lasts for 4-6 hours but everyone’s metabolism, pain threshold and endocannabinoid system is different. Therefore, we recommend that people listen to their body and reapply Sweet Releaf when the pain returns.

We have heard from many customers that when applying Sweet Releaf before bed it can help reduce the pain enough to sleep through the night. We’ve also heard from customers who use Sweet Releaf on a regular schedule – 2-3 times per day for two weeks – that their overall pain levels have been reduced significantly.

Where to apply Sweet Releaf?

Sweet Releaf can be applied just about anywhere for topical pain relief.

We recommend avoiding the eyes, mouth and reproductive areas, as well as any open wounds, due to possible sensitivity to the essential oils.

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