Comfort™ and Comfort+™ Extra Strength

I knew from the first time I used the Sweet Releaf products in 2015 that they were superior to everything else on the market. I have been using your Comfort+ Body Butter and Comfort Dry Oil. Both are superior products. They relieve my cancer pain in my abdomen and other parts of my body that were damaged from having 15 five-hour chemo sessions. I want to thank you very much. DAVID

The only product that works. My doctors are jealous when I tell them my secret. Used to be morphine. Sweet Releaf works in minutes. Amazing. JANET

SweetReleaf CHANGED my life. I have a sun allergy that causes painful unsightly deep blistering that couldn’t be healed by 5 prescription topical meds from my doctor. I’m not a pot store kind of lady, but I was at the point that I was willing to try anything. I bought a tub of this and within minutes I was 50% better and in a few weeks of regular use, I was healed. My doctor holds my hands in amazement every time she sees me. She said it’s unheard of to actually heal and for skin to be restored to perfect health. Thank you, SweetReleaf! PAM

I was introduced to your products and they have been heaven sent. Relieving the pain so quickly, it was incredible. I haven’t had the need to use my prescription pain medications and don’t want to go back to them LOU

I LOVE your medicine. I’ve used it for a year for my chronic arthritis & my daughterr uses it for her bad back. It’s the only thing that works for us! VIRGINIA

My doctor diagnosed me as having 2 bulging disks and spinal stenosis with pain down both legs. I just started using your cream and oh my goodness, when I put it on it feels so good. I can go for hours with almost no pain! You did a wonderful thing making this. ISABELLA

I’m a percussionist in a band. After our show at high Sierra music festival I was given a small jar of Sweet ReLeaf to try. I immediately applied it to my neck which had been bothering me for two weeks. The next morning I noticed that my neck discomfort was completely gone. I have since used Sweet Releaf to relieve shoulder, wrist, and hand soreness due to having too much fun drumming. So thanks for making a product that actually works. WARREN

I use Sweet Releaf on my eczema because it makes it go away. I’ve tried other cannabis creams but they just don’t do it. Thank you for making this product. I need more! OLIVIA

After 5 years of heavy duty narcotics and 14 spine procedures/surgeries, I decided it was time for a change. Although I still live with chronic pain, Sweet Releaf has allowed me to get much needed relief without a fuzzy head. I apply as soon as I feel the pain start to arise and directly where it hurts. I’ve been narcotic-free for over four months now and Sweet Releaf has played a major role in helping me achieve this milestone! JENNIE

My husband is a Vietnam vet poisoned with Agent Orange. He uses the cream for his disintegrating joints. His feet hurt constantly and he’s had 2 total knee replacements and 1 shoulder replacement. This product brings him so much relief he lets me know when he’s running low and needs me to restock. MARYANN

A 92 year old patient in a wheel chair came in to our dispensary complaining of neuropathy in his feet that made it hard for him to walk & also lamented he used to be a dancer & missed it terribly. I told him to rub both feet with Sweet Releaf twice a day for a few weeks. He called me back in three weeks saying he was walking again. A month later he walked in smiling and said “I’m dancing again” but also to his surprise, his toe nail fungus was gone! ZACK

I used Sweet Releaf for a bad chest cold with intense cough spasms. I rubbed it on my chest and under my nose and it relaxed and calmed my chest and stopped the coughing spasms. It allowed me to sleep without coughing throughout the night. DAWN

Comfort Cools™ and Comfort Warms™

The Dry Oil is a fantastic product! I use it for nerve problems in my knees which need surgery but I am not good candidate for that due to blood clots. When applied, I feel relief instantly! I think it’s also helping my varicose veins. They seem to be shrinking. Thank you for making these products. They have literally saved me from intense pain. DIANE

I periodically have very painful muscle tension/contraction throughout my whole body since a car accident about 10 years ago. I tried everything, including a prescription muscle relaxant, but nothing made a meaningful difference. I just had to bear burning pain, sometimes for days, until it went away. THEN, I got to try your Dry Oil roll-on while my muscles were in full contraction. It didn’t seem like I put on much, yet the contraction with the burning pain was almost gone in 15 minutes and was totally gone shortly thereafter. It was pretty unbelievable! KATALIN

I recently had hip replacement surgery that resulted in a long incision down my right side which took some time to completely heal. While healing, each side of the incision would sometimes feel hot which was very uncomfortable. I applied Comfort Cools dry oil to these hot areas and felt instant relief! It surprised me how quickly it eased the pain. ELLEN

I recently tried the Comfort Dry Oil Cools. I rubbed it on my hands that are wrecked by tendonitis and inflammation from 18 years in the hairdressing industry. It causes instant relief!. I just want to say thank you Sweet Releaf!” HANNAH

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