5 Tips to Reduce Arthritic Pain During Flare-ups

Jul 11, 2017 | Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Uses for Topicals

For the 40 million Americans who suffer from arthritis, painful flare-ups remain a challenge, even when following the right diet and exercise regimen. As a cannabis topical company, Sweet Releaf’s potent body butter is focused on ending all kinds of pain. To that end, here are five helpful tips to reduce arthritic pain during flare-ups.

Reduce Thumb Movements

A simple way to reduce wear on small joints in your hand is to minimize thumb movements. Instead of the usual overhand grip, scoop up objects with your palms facing each other. Less use of your thumbs means less pressure on your joints — and the sooner you’ll feel less pain. Apply Sweet Releaf daily to sore thumb joints.

Relax in a long warm bath or shower

Heat has been shown to reduce pain from arthritis, particularly moist heat. Relax in a warm bath allowing your sore muscles to release. Follow up with Sweet Releaf while your pores are open for better absorption.

Apply cannabis-infused body butters directly to the joints causing you pain

Topical cannabis products have been shown to relieve inflammatory pain particularly well, making them a potent natural form of relief from arthritic pain. Apply to sore joints in the morning and again as needed throughout the day or night.

Lighten the load

Reduce the pressure you put on your joints by curtailing the weight you lift and carry. Even small changes such as leaving your purse at home, taking multiple trips to get groceries, and leaving heavy pots and pans on the counter next to the stove can minimize your pain. It is especially important to avoid too much pressure during arthritis flare-ups.

Get assistance

Don’t feel like you need to do every activity on your own. Instead, take advantage of specially designed tools for arthritis patients, such as carts and rolling suitcases to move items. Consider a cane to relieve pressure on your hips and knees. Remember it’s not weakness to ask other people for help. A store clerk can lift a heavy object or friends can shoulder some of your burdens. Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. Now’s a good time to ask for yours!

Keep these five tips in mind during flare-ups and you’ll be better equipped to continue living the full life you deserve without major disruption. Remember to soothe the pain away with Sweet Releaf when needed.

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