Staying Active with Chronic Back Pain

Apr 24, 2017 | Chronic Pain, Uses for Topicals

Few things can feel quite as debilitating as chronic back pain. It’s easy to feel like the best solution is bedrest until the pain goes away, but it turns out that exercise may be a better option. Studies show that both specific core strengthening exercises meant to target the back and generally staying active can decrease and potentially eliminate chronic back pain. Too long without regular exercise, on the other hand, can hasten your deterioration, making your chronic back pain even more difficult– especially in patients with so-called “simple” lower back pain that has no easily pinpointed cause.

It makes sense that studies point to exercise as a better solution to back pain than inactivity. Staying active helps the body maintain and build the systems that protect us from chronic pain. After all, a lack of activity can quickly cause the muscles to stiffen and weaken and cause soft tissues to become less flexible. This makes us more vulnerable to injury, which is likely to worsen chronic back pain. In fact, staying active with chronic back pain is the best way to ensure that intervertebral discs remain well-nourished and hydrated. This is vital to healing, since aging, brittle discs remain one of the most common causes of persistent back pain.

When it comes to chronic back pain, any activity will do. In fact, doctors suggest that you start slow and push yourself to do more activity little by little. Even just a brisk walk two days a week is enough to begin the healing process. Low-impact aerobic exercises like speed walking, biking, and swimming provide some of the best opportunities to stay active without irritating your pain even more. Under the supervision of a physical therapist, core strengthening exercises, pilates, and leg and core muscle stretches can also help mitigate chronic pain while allowing you to stay active.

How to Minimize the Pain of Staying Active with Chronic Back Pain

Of course, chronic back pain can make getting started with a new exercise regimen– or even just continuing your favorite exercises and sports activities– much more challenging. That’s why it’s important to understand how to minimize the pain associated with staying active while suffering from chronic back pain. Most doctors and physical therapists encourage patients to avoid pushing themselves too hard at first. You should never continue an exercise that actively causes you pain. Find an alternative that minimizes discomfort until you have started to heal.

Furthermore, always begin any exercise with a mild warm-up and follow activity with a cool down period. Good exercise habits make staying active much easier on your body during recovery. In addition, don’t neglect stretching. Increased flexibility helps to prevent chronic back pain from worsening or returning.

Finally, treat your back with products meant to reduce pain while you begin the recovery process. Natural products that sooth aches and pains associated go a long way towards making staying active with chronic back pain possible. Sweet Releaf, for example, has been shown to greatly diminish chronic back pain naturally within just ten minutes of application. You’ll get the immediate benefits of natural pain relief and muscle release through this cannabis body butter. In fact, if you apply Sweet Releaf to dry skin after a warm bath, your opened pores will absorb its goodness even better. Either way, you’ll likely perceive a calming warming sensation, a loosening of stiffness in the area, then reduced pain within less than ten minutes of application.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, get moving today. You’ll find the long-term benefits worth it– and with Sweet Releaf, you can make some of that pain melt away.

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