Q&A with Greg, our Production Manager

Oct 15, 2021 | Cannabis Topicals, How It's Made, Uses for Topicals

Q: What can you tell us about the Sweet Releaf production process?
A: In 2018 we changed our body butter formula from a 100% oil based pain remedy to an Aloe Vera and oil emulsification remedy. We did this because our original formulation was very heat sensitive and would melt at body temperature. This was great for spreading on skin but troublesome for a hot car or summertime temps. The new formulation (beginning 2019) utilized an emulsification process which is wonderfully tricky to produce and requires a skilled hand to complete successfully. The final result is well worth the effort though with a luxuriously smooth texture that is significantly more heat stable and even more effective at deeply delivering the medicine through the skin. At the same time we increased the THC/CBD potency of Comfort Plus by over 50% and Comfort Regular by 100% which we believe significantly improves the pain reducing power of Sweet Releaf. We are currently developing several new medicinal products that we believe will bring more cannabis love to more people in our community.

Q: Are there any exciting updates you can share? (i.e. roll-ons potency, why did that change)
A: We decided to increase the potency in the Roll-Ons to match the potency of the Comfort Plus Extra Strength Body Butter so that less product is needed to get pain relief. We have been noticing that people tend to apply less of the dry oil on painful conditions as compared to the butters due to the different consistencies so we made the dry oils more potent to compensate. I always recommend that people do a second application of product about 15 minutes after the first application for even more effective pain relief. We absorbed the extra cost and did not increase our prices by the way.

Q: What Sweet Releaf products do you use and how do you incorporate them?
A: I use all of our products on a daily basis. I am an active hiker and always have a dry oil roll-on in my pocket for my knees and hip. Honestly I don’t think I would be able to stay active without Comfort products. I usually apply the butter before I leave on a hike and then use the Dry Oils while I am in action. I love how the dry oils warm up in my pocket and then flow easily when I apply it, which is especially helpful while camping. I use the dry oils for joint pain, sunburns and even moisturizing my skin in hot weather plus the smell is intoxicating. One of our production team members puts butter on his feet before work and then on his chef partner’s neck and shoulders at night before bed.

Q: Who would you recommend Sweet Releaf to?
A: I recommend our products to everyone and I always ask for feedback so we can continue to improve. By far the most important recommendation would be for anyone who is becoming less active because of body pain. It is critically important for older folks (myself included) to stay active and not let pain and discomfort deter our bodies need to walk and be active. Being active and outside provide so many health benefits from simply seeing and interacting with others to engaging with nature. We just have to get our bodies moving whether it be walking, dancing, biking, swimming or playing with younger family members. If we can help members of our human community reclaim an active lifestyle or even reduce painful conditions then we are achieving our mission. So I recommend our products for older folks but equally important are the younger people who can share these newer natural pain remedies with their elders who might not know about the benefits of cannabis.

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