New Study Confirms THC’s Importance

Apr 30, 2019 | Cannabis Studies, How It's Made

It has long been thought by both society and the scientific community that only CBD has medical benefits, while THC simply gets you high. A new study done by researchers at the University of New Mexico (UNM) has debunked this idea. What they have learned is that higher doses of THC prove best for relieving the symptom of pain, among other symptoms, which explains why Sweet Releaf is so effective.

The Study: “The Association between Cannabis Product Characteristics and Symptom Relief”

People have long associated THC with the chemical that induces a high feeling (except when applied to the skin) believing that CBD is the chemical that actually has therapeutic effects. The purpose of the study was to learn what components of the cannabis plant were most important for improving symptom relief. Read more about the study here.

They tested based on type of cannabis used (flower, concentrate, etc), combustion method, cannabis subspecies (indica, sativa, hybrid), and major cannabinoid contents (THC & CBD). The study was taken among roughly 20,000 people and measured 27 symptom categories. What this study learned is that THC causes greater improvements in symptom relief, while CBD actually has less effect.

Sweet Releaf’s Higher THC Concentration Makes Sense!

With CBD thought of as more socially acceptable of the two chemicals for pain relief, most products today contain higher percentages of CBD. Since the beginning, Sweet Releaf has specifically used a higher concentration of THC as in empirical tests it repeatedly proved to be the most potent for reducing pain and inflammation. The product also contains THCA (the raw form of THC) to treat inflammation and CBD to enhance the “entourage effect” (the medicinal impact of the whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts). This study shows that Sweet Releaf and products like it, higher in THC relative to CBD, prove the best for symptom and pain relief!

Cannabis is rapidly gaining popularity as an effective substitute for prescription opioids and other medications with harmful side effects that risk death. As it becomes more popular it is important we learn how best to use the healing qualities of cannabis to our advantage. The study done by UNM is the first major step in learning this, and highlights why products like Sweet Releaf are already doing it the right way!


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