Stories of Hope: A Wellness Journey

Aug 3, 2021 | Chronic Pain, Stories of Hope

We first met David Sewell a few years ago when he contacted us to say thanks for helping on his recovery journey from cancer. He wrote “I knew from the first time I used Sweet Releaf products in 2015 that they were superior to everything else on the market. I have been using your Comfort+ Body Butter and Comfort Dry Oil. Both are superior products. They relieve the cancer pain in my abdomen and other parts of my body that were damaged from having 15 five-hour chemo sessions. I want to thank you very much.”

We were curious to learn more. David generously shared his story with us in hopes it would inspire others to better trust cannabis for pain relief.

Sweet Releaf: We really appreciate you sharing your story with us. How did you find us and why do you continue to use Sweet Releaf after all these years?
David: I first discovered Sweet Releaf while visiting a friend in San Francisco in 2015. It is the best product I’ve ever used for pain and I really believe that it will help anyone in pain. I use it every day. I am a sworn believer.

SR: Can you tell us more about your illness and the road to recovery?
I was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma cancer from asbestos exposure in 2013. Multiple doctors gave me 3-6 months and maybe 12 months if I had radical surgery. Well, I had radical surgery from Dr. Paul Sugarbaker at Medstar Hospital in Washington, DC. After 30 days I was discharged and was medically retired from U.S. Government service.

I was 53 years old at the time and was prescribed multiple medications for severe pain in my abdomen and chest region including Dilaudid, Oxycontin, Vicodin. They had me on everything. As soon as I had surgery, I got off most of it. I’m off everything other than one pain medication now.

I came back to the Atlanta, Georgia area, where I’m from, and I started doing everything possible for recovery, and to tell the truth, I’m in better health than I was ten years ago. I try to walk every day, my daughters are both vegan and promote healthy eating and I am blessed with a great family.

SR: How are you doing day-to-day?
In a given week, there are 1 or 2 days that are low days with weak spells and pain in my abdomen. The pain comes and goes periodically but I try to be as active as I can and enjoy time with my family. After 33 years in the military and government agencies and constantly going 100 mph, I have learned to take each day in an easy manner and be thankful that I am here to help others that need assistance.

SR: What other cannabis products do you use every day?
I buy a lot of Sweet Releaf at a time and I keep a jar in every room of my house. I also use CBD oil and CBD gummies every day.

SR: How are you feeling about the future?
My ultimate goal is to be the longest living survivor with this disease. There’s a gentleman in Australia who has had it for 18-19 years and there’s a lady in Massachusetts who has had it for 14-15 years. In 2023, I’ll be at the 10-year point. And I think I can make it with products like yours.

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