Stories of Hope: Florie and the (Cannabis) Flowers

Nov 15, 2021 | Stories of Hope

We recently spoke with Florie Johnson, a cancer survivor who helps others on their healing journey through intuitive readings, energy work and wise woman wisdom. Florie shared her experience using Sweet Releaf products in a recent Q&A conversation. Connect with Florie for a reading and follow her @sacredhappiness on Instagram.

1. How did you discover Sweet Releaf?
My daughter introduced it to me. She was looking for products to help me deal with cancer and going through chemo.

2. How has Sweet Releaf worked for you?
I can’t sing it praises enough. Unfortunately, I’ve dubbed myself The Pain Balm Queen for decades. We’re talking old injuries, which can be the toughest to shift. Sweet Releaf has provided my body with so many hours and days of pain relief! It has worked better than anything else I’ve ever tried!

3. Does one product work better than others?
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the butters. But the Comfort Cools Roll On is what makes it happen for me.

4. Do you have a specific ritual or time of day or way of using Sweet Releaf?
When I first started using it I had gone back to work after going into remission from cancer. It was way too soon to be back and my body hurt. I kept the 10 ml Comfort Cools Roll on at my desk. Having been sick for months I had become unaccustomed to typing on the computer for hours and at regular intervals I would coat my hands and wrists. Sweet Releaf was magic!

5. Would you consider Sweet Releaf part of your healing journey and if so, how?
It is absolutely one of the main things I use to heal from all kinds of pain I’m dealing with. I can also feel how much healing Sweet Releaf has brought to my chemo- messed up feet! I can especially see a difference in my left foot. For months 90% of it has felt numb. Working with amazing Sweet Releaf, my left foot now has 70% feeling returned!

6. You’re a healer and energy worker. How do you view cannabis topicals in terms of their healing potential, especially for everyday people dealing with pain?
If we’re working on healing, we have to be with nature. I love that cannabis is a female flower. I know this is the spiral direction we are supposed to go in in order to return to nature. The product is what it is because of the relationship between the women who bring us this magical product and the cannabis flower.

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