Your Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 15, 2021 | Cannabis Topicals

Get Dad – Comfort Plus Body Butter 100ml

Because he works hard everyday, Dad deserves all the Comfort he can get for that painful lower back, twisted, sore knee or stiff shoulders from lifting, extended hours hunched over at his desk at work or home-improvement projects on the weekends. Get quick, effective pain relief for whatever ails him with our Comfort + Body Butter. Use generously throughout the day, on arrival home or before bed to help ease into a comfortable sleep.

Get Mom – Comfort Warms Roll-On 30ml

Since Moms also work hard everyday, bending over to help their kids, loading groceries, running a business or trying to get laptop work done before school’s out, they can experience soreness in their necks, back or wrists which if not addressed can turn into painful conditions. To avoid the worse case scenario, treat her to our Comfort Warms Roll On for soothing warmth and release of tension wherever needed . So easy to apply and delicious to smell, it’s like a short spa visit or staycation.

Get Your Adventurous Friend – Comfort Cools Roll-On 10ml

We all have friends who are always ready for that power walk, bike ride, or hours-long hike. But when an ankle twists or calves ache, they’ll be happy to have Comfort Cools easy Roll On pain relief in their pocket or backpack. Felt within minutes and lasting for hours, this roll on takes the heat and tenderness out of sprains, bruises, twisted ankles, even hot sore feet – a great gift for any active individual.

Get Your Roommate / Neighbor – Comfort Body Butter 50ml

Sleep issues aren’t something most friends or neighbors talk about, but many of us have aches, pains and soreness that can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep. So having a jar of Comfort Body Butter on their nightstand can make all the difference in a pain free night’s sleep and better yet, how they feel the next day! A great gift for those on their feet all day and mature adults whose bodies have seen a lifetime of hard work.

Get Your Partner – Comfort Body Butter 100ml

Because I love my partner, I want him to feel as good as possible everyday and every night. So I get him Comfort body butter to take his attention off the aches and pains. We both experience daily trials and by sharing our Comfort, it helps the tension and accompanying pain melt away.

Get Your Grandparent – Comfort Plus Body Butter 25ml

We all want to see our grandparents happy, relaxed and pain free in their old age, so why not let them try a small amount of Comfort Plus deeply soothing body butter for those aches and pains before buying a larger size? It’s effective enough even for those who just don’t want to get high and who are a little more set in their ways.

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