7 Tips For Arthritis Patients

Nov 22, 2016 | Arthritis, Cannabis Topicals, Uses for Topicals

Arthritis is a highly common condition that affects about 40 million Americans annually. According to our patient survey, 40% use Sweet Releaf specifically to alleviate symptoms of arthritis. Many have regained mobility and returned to activities they had to abandon before using our product. As part of an ongoing effort to help patients get the most out of Sweet Releaf, we’re launching a new series called Tips From the Makers, in which we provide useful tips and tricks as well as lifestyle adjustments that can ensure greater success when using Sweet Releaf for various conditions.

If you or someone you know is living with arthritis pain, here are some ways to further extend the effectiveness of our trichome-rich body butter.

First Things First

Start your day off right and apply Sweet Releaf first thing in the morning. Apply liberally to stiff joints, concentrating on hands and feet.

Rub It In

Be sure to massage the Sweet Releaf into your skin until it completely absorbs. Don’t just apply and wait for it to soak in. Take your time and actively massage your joints. This helps in restoring flexibility to the areas you need it most.

Open Your Pores

It’s always a good idea to apply Sweet Releaf once your skin has been warmed. Either by hot compress or a warm bath or shower. The heat will open your pores, making it more receptive to the application, which will help you feel relief as quickly as possible.

Reapply Often

Sweet Releaf, like many pain medications, is not a “set it and forget it” solution. It’s important to re-apply the product at the first sign that your pain is returning. Stay ahead of the pain.

Use Daily

Staying ahead of the pain also means, applying Sweet Releaf when you feel like your pain has subsided entirely. You may wake up and feel much better and want to skip an application. Resist the urge. Applying Sweet Releaf before your symptoms kick in will help you avoid the pain that’s waiting in the wings.

Let The Professionals Handle It

If you live with arthritis pain, you’re probably no stranger to the massage table. Next time you have an appointment, bring Sweet Releaf with you. Ask your massage therapist to use it instead of their go-to oil.

Be Gently Active

After applying Sweet Releaf is the perfect time to be mildly active. Take a brisk walk or do some light yoga stretches. This is when your joints will be most pliable and will encourage them to remain loose throughout the day.

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