THC, the Endocannabinoid System, and Pain

Aug 2, 2022 | Cannabinoids, How It's Made

The Endocannabinoid system (ECS)

It’s a mystery… and also it’s not.

Most people know there has been very little definitive medical research on the effects of cannabis on the human body so technically there is little actual proof of how it works or what it works on (mysterious). At the same time anyone who has invited THC onto or into their bodies knows intimately, they are being affected in unique and profound ways (not so mysterious).

The human body consists of eleven major systems all contributing to sustaining life. The Endocannabinoid system enhances overall wellbeing by balancing the Endocrine system and is responsible for the observable effects on the body of cannabinoids like THC, CBD as well as essential oils and their terpenes. From here it gets pretty fascinating and complex, so let’s break it down to the early, early days of cannabis and the human body.

When our Neanderthal ancestors first discovered cannabis we imagine it went something like this (*no citation for this study due to lack of written words in prehistoric times)

Food Person, “Ouch, me chase dinner fall hurt knee. No run now”
Medicine Person, “Rub this flower cooked in fat on knee, rest. Come back when sun rise.”
Next day, Food Person: “Knee better. Can run again chase dinner. Maybe me eat medicine too?”
Medicine Person: “Yugg! Eat little for good times. Eat too much not able to chase dinner”
Food person: “After sun go down then?”
Medicine person: “Yugg!, Me join you.”

In all seriousness though, as makers of Sweet Releaf topicals, we have one ultimate objective and that is to bring comfort from painful conditions to our customers. We love our endocannabinoid system and would really appreciate more in-depth scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of our formulations, but in the States, that research will have to wait for legalization of THC. For now though our proof rests on the hundreds of incredible testimonials we receive from everyday people. We know that it works. How do we know it works? Over the past five years, we have read and studied and experimented on our own bodies. We have carefully blended the finest natural plant-derived analgesic ingredients with full-spectrum, whole-plant cannabis (Cannabinoids: THC delta 9, THCa, CBD, CBN, CBC and more).

THC and Pain

We have determined that the most powerful pain reducing ingredient is THC Delta 9 or decarboxylated THCA (decarboxylated means it’s heated to make cannabinoids more usable at receptor sites in the body). This is the same form of THC that creates the euphoric feeling in the body when smoked or eaten, but when used topically it relieves pain and does not get you high because it sinks into the dermal and fascia layers without making it to the bloodstream. There are products that are designed to penetrate past the skin and fascia to the bloodstream, but our products are not formulated that way.

No matter what challenges we all face in this world, the Sweet Releaf team will continue to bring comfort while we wait for traditional science to catch up and confirm what we already know. In the meantime apply and reapply as needed whether you want to chase down your dinner or simply take a relaxing break from chronic pain. We are here for you and with you, Yugg!

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