Stories of Hope: Ricky

Sep 13, 2022 | Stories of Hope

Ricky C. is a 35 year-old Sweet Releaf super user who reached out to us to share his love of the product. Ricky was born with a condition called Spina Bifida. As a result he says “I deal with constant back problems. I took pain meds. I took muscle relaxers that made me feel like I was drunk the next day. They were horrible. Since finding this product in 2015, I have never gone back to pills, and muscle relaxers. I just take this and I can function at work. I can walk, I can bend, I can do all of this stuff, like a normal person. And it sucks too for people who have really bad back pain because there is a solution.”

Ricky works in a hospital ward helping lift patients before and after surgery. He says he was at an 8 or 9 pain level (out of 10) when he first tried Sweet Releaf Comfort + Extra Strength Body Butter but found that “as soon as I use it, it’s gone. It takes it all away within 10 minutes. This actually does work.”

Ricky says he discovered Sweet Releaf when his aunt went to a dispensary in 2015 looking for a solution to his knee and back pain and found Sweet Releaf. “I have back spasms that can be very painful and I’m not the type of person who likes to take pills. They make me feel like crap. So then I tried your product on my back and boom, it’s gone. Done with. This cream does absolutely work and I have bought it for friends, and family who have pain in their hips, and back, and they love it.”

For Ricky Sweet Releaf is a family affair. When his family comes into town from other states, they go to a dispensary together.

“My whole family is like ‘this stuff is the best’ and I will literally go to a dispensary, spend about $400-500 bucks, bring it back to them and they’re good to go for a few months. You guys make an incredible product and it works. I’ve tried a bunch of competitor products and they were not as good as this good one. I have tried a bunch of other creams and nothing compares to Sweet Releaf. That’s my god, honest truth. I kid you not. I’ve got to pick up some next weekend because my mom is having a procedure next week.”

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