Why Does Comfort Body Butter Work?

Jul 8, 2022 | Cannabis Topicals, How It's Made

Greg’s Informal Study

Since there is no significant research on how and why THCd9 (Delta 9) works so well in significantly reducing pain topically, I decided three years ago to do my own informal study. I asked everyone I could about their experience of using our Comfort and Comfort Plus Body Butters. I ask them to set a timer to check pain levels every 15 minutes up to an hour. I asked how they use it and if they shared it with friends and family, I asked them to report on the same.

I do extensive tests on my own physical pain and injuries because I want to know and I believe my own experience more than any marketing (see Hemp CBD Marketing hyperbole). Across the board most people make it to the 15 minute mark and notice significant pain relief but after that they forget about pain check-ins because the pain is effectively gone and they go back to enjoying their lives.

When I ask them later about their results I hear the following;

You- “Oh right I was supposed check and I forgot…(trying to remember)”
Me- “No problem, do you remember having pain after using the product?”
You- “Hmmm no I don’t think I did, I guess I would remember if the pain didn’t go away.”
Me- “Pain is easy to remember and the absence of pain equals going back to living normally.”
You- “That makes sense. Ok I will try again and set my phone timer next time.”

2 weeks later…
You- “OMG I did the timer thing and at first I couldn’t remember why I set the timer. I realized the pain was reduced so much I barely noticed it. After 45 minutes I fell into a deep sleep because the pain didn’t keep me awake.”
Me- “This makes me so happy and thank you for being part of my informal testing protocol.”
You- “Oh yeah, I also applied it to my partners painful leg issues and they fell asleep so fast I couldn’t check on their pain levels. I will try again soon.”
Me- “We do this for you and we love you.”

The “Why” Results

1. We have the most THC of any other topicals

Comfort Body Butters are infused with very high THCd9 (Delta 9 which is activated THCa aka raw cannabis) along with CBD in a 14:1 THC:CBD ratio. Our products have the most THC of any other topicals that I know of. This highest level of THCd9 is extremely effective in reducing pain. But wait there’s more.

2. Potency doubles after application

Double the already high potency after application. Our butters are formulated as an emulsion (Oil and Water mixed together to become a smooth, creamy consistency). The water portion (>50%) is pure Aloe Vera Juice which penetrates skin four times faster than water carrying the Cannabinoids and other analgesics deeply into the dermal layers and into the fascia (connective tissue) to reduce pain signals. The Aloe is absorbed quickly leaving a more concentrated medicine behind to do its good work.

Example: Apply 1 gram of Body Butter (THCd9- 7mg Comfort or 11 mg Comfort Plus) and by the time it gets to the pain receptors the Aloe Vera has been absorbed and the potency has now doubled. Brilliant!

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