Product Spotlight: Comfort Warms Roll-ons

May 11, 2022 | Arthritis, Cannabis Topicals

Our award-winning Comfort Warms Roll-on is my go-to for my chronically arthritic fingers. Each morning I drink in the appealing scent of frankincense and other essential oils while massaging my fingers until the oils are completely absorbed. I feel a warm tingling almost immediately, then a gentle easing of the stiffness as I flex my fingers once again. I continue to feel this relief for hours while enjoying a scent so alluring, that I almost feel I could wear it as perfume!

Delving deeper into the essence of Comfort Warms, we start with high levels of cannabinoids called THC and CBD which act on receptor sites in the skin to send pain-blocking signals to the brain and reduce inflammation. We then add the top essential oils for health/wellness, pain and inflammation reduction (cedarwood, frankincense, cistus, wintergreen, ginger, nutmeg, and rosemary) which were identified by the French chemist Pierre Franchomme whose groundbreaking 1990’s book, L’Aromathérapie Exactement, cataloged the medicinal benefits of 270 essential oils and is still the standard reference in the field of aromatherapy today.

In addition, black cumin, mustard seed, pomegranate, and sea buckthorn were utilized to help the body create its own internal warming and balancing response by increasing circulation where applied. This is especially important for chronic conditions like my arthritic fingers because the increased circulation loosens up the stiffness and restores a nearly normal feeling in my hand, at least for a few hours. After that, I reapply as needed to reap this benefit.

In totality, there are several levels of benefits ranging from full-spectrum cannabinoids working together synergistically for maximum effect to terpene-rich essential oils for increased circulation. No wonder it feels so darn good on my hands! While we are careful not to make medical claims or dispense medical advice, we do hope you’ll try it and see how it works for your chronic pain. We would love to hear how it works for you and if it works, please consider telling a friend.

Yours in health and wellness, Didi

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