A Comforting Night’s Sleep

Oct 31, 2022 | Uses for Topicals

As the weather turns cold and nights get longer, our bodies will be needing more rest, according to the National Sleep Foundation. One thing I’ve learned with age is that being able to relax and go to sleep not long after crawling in bed can really be a blessing. And so can staying asleep throughout the night, so you wake feeling rested and ready for the new day!

Thankfully, there’s a good way to lessen tossing and turning due to discomfort or pain in the body. Relaxation techniques like taking a warm bath, a quiet meditation or aromatherapy are usually helpful, however nothing says relaxation like reducing or even eliminating pain! To do that I rely on our deeply soothing Sweet Releaf COMFORT body butter.

One of the most common types of pain that disturbs sleep is back pain. Whether in the neck and shoulders or the lower back, a gentle massage with our COMFORT topical body butter should help gently warm any chronically painful areas and lessen the pain enough to drift off to sleep. If you have shoulder tension, sore muscles or stiffness in your back, try a bit of COMFORT and see how that helps reduce the annoying symptoms, so you can relax into sleep.

I have also used Comfort on sore hips and knees that otherwise would have kept me awake. In fact, before my hip replacement, I would apply COMFORT even in the middle of the night. Many of my more senior friends tell me they keep it handy on their nightstand for just such an occurrence. And finally, don’t forget that sore feet respond very well to an application after a long day on your feet. Apply liberally wherever they hurt and wait a few minutes for it to take effect. You may notice less stiffness and pain the next morning when you wake. Now that’s the kind of COMFORT I’m talking about.

Wishing you sweet dreams and good deep sleep this Winter!

Warmly, Didi

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