My Morning Pick Me Up Routine

Jun 10, 2024 | Uses for Topicals

About a year ago, I had neck surgery to correct some bulging discs in my neck and hopefully restore more feeling to my hands and fingers which had started burning and tingling and becoming numb.

The surgery was successful and since then, the burning and tingling have subsided and my numbness is reduced. However, most mornings I wake up with a stiff neck and shoulders that even my physical therapy exercises don’t help.

On these days, I turn to my jar of COMFORT+ in hopes of getting some badly needed relief. Usually within about 10 minutes of applying the body butter and doing a little self-massage on my shoulders, I can feel the whole area loosening up. When that happens, I am able to stretch my arms more broadly which causes tight spots to pop and crackle as they become more mobile again. This in turn releases stuck energy in the shoulder area which makes my fingers loosen up and stop aching!

I’m really so grateful that such a product exists! Applying it as described above on my most challenging mornings usually results in me feeling much less stiffness and much more mobility for the entire day. There really aren’t many medicinal options like this that last all day, so I wanted to share my story so anyone else suffering from the same condition can try it out for themselves. I sure hope you find it works as well for you so that on mornings like these, you can get up and GO!

Respectfully submitted by Deanie, aged 76

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