Post Surgical Help from Sweet Releaf’s Body Butter

Mar 12, 2024 | Uses for Topicals

Lately, a number of friends have had surgery of one kind or another: one for multiple broken bones in the wrist, another for a knee replacement and another for neck surgery to correct bulging discs impinging on the spinal column. All three vastly different types of surgeries, but all three with the same outcome: pain in the area that persists even after the wound is healed. Doctors all say wait awhile and it should decrease over time, but what if it doesn’t?

There are plenty of over-the-counter remedies such as patches, gels and creams. Many of these give quick temporary relief at best. Most wear off in an hour or so. Then there’s Sweet Releaf’s COMFORT Body Butter. The difference in how it works and lasts couldn’t be more definite.

Its main ingredient, THC, has been called the hydrocodone of the plant world and it delivers relief in two ways. First, COMFORT’s unique blend of natural butters carries the THC molecules deep into the Inflamed and painful area. There THC binds with receptor sites in the skin and immediately messages the brain that it’s no longer in pain. So relief comes quickly! Then the healing qualities of THC and its terpenes go to work to alleviate stress in the area by reducing swelling and inflammation which generally
lasts for 3 to 4 or more hours! This is why those friends I mentioned use it during the months following surgery: it works fast and lasts a long time!

Please only use COMFORT after your surgery site has closed completely, never on a scar that is still open. And don’t forget those stiff shoulders or other spots that have to compensate for the change in how you carry yourself afterwards – they all benefit from a little COMFORT too!

Disclaimer: We do not make medical claims and the above experience is anecdotal and has not been evaluated by medical professionals.

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