Finding COMFORT After a Springtime Party

Apr 22, 2024 | Uses for Topicals

Have you ever felt like you’re about to collapse after pulling off a big event that found you on your feet for 5-6 hours at a time, maybe for several days in a row?

Well, that’s how I felt after holding a Spring Open House last week! Attended by about 60 people who were eating food I’d taken 2 days to prepare, I was happy when the party was over, but also so tired I couldn’t even feel my exhaustion til later. But that night as I was preparing for bed, I realized my hips, knees and feet were aching like crazy from all the standing, walking, and talking. I tried climbing in bed, but that only made me more aware of how much I hurt! So, I got up and went to the medicine cabinet seeking my “go to” for pain and applied COMFORT+ everywhere I hurt. It only took about 8 minutes to begin feeling better and this time when I crawled into bed, my body had relaxed so much, it felt like I was floating before drifting off to sleep!

Seems I’ve come to rely more on Sweet Releaf’s COMFORT+ as I age. Workouts like that described above take a much bigger toll on my body now! It does help me sleep better because it warms the throbbing areas and as the name says, it comforts the spots that ache so I can really unwind into a deeper more fulfilling sleep.

The big “ah ha” though is that anyone of any age can experience the same benefits after such a trying time, whether that’s catering a party, running a marathon or breaking ground for new garden beds! But somehow, I think I appreciate the relief I feel most as I’m laying down in bed, unwinding and feeling my whole body gently glowing where I’ve applied this product. I hope you’ll try it too and see if this description doesn’t ring true just before you drift off to dreamland!

Wishing sweet dreams to all, Didi

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